Occupy DC Protest: Violent Liberal Progressive Terrorists Storm Smithsonian – Pin Guard Against Wall

“shame on you” they chanted toward the MUSEUM!? Please someone explain to me what a museum has to do with these imbeciles issues with the govt & banks?

All they did was terrorize, thus the title of this, innocent people. How many families were terrorized from this? How many children were subjected to this insanity of these outright fools?! This kind of stuff happens I have no sympathey for them and hope to see them clubbed over the head.

  • Margaret

    There’s plenty of information/reports about why we targetted the Smithsonian: “While the Occupy DC protest went on in McPherson Square, a separate group of protesters headed for the Smithsonian’s Air and Space Museum where they planned to enter the museum for a “die-in” at a drone exhibit to protest the US use of unmanned drones against civilians in the war in Afghanistan. Some of the protesters entered the museum and were apparently pepper sprayed. Pepper spray was also used outside the museum by at least one security guard.”

    the exhibitions promote instruments of killing.