Glenn Beck Lays Out Three Phases of Radical Revolutionaries: Infiltration, Crisis, Political System “X”

Beck was in classic form tonight breaking these three phases of progressives down. If you are not a GBTV subscriber you may want to rethink that. For the cost of a cup of Starbucks Coffee is what it costs per month for a subscription to GBTV.

Phase 1: Infiltration (sound familiar?)
Infiltrate & Organize Groups for Control
Create a Shadow Government
Infiltrate: Government, Labor, Education, Media, Military, Courts, Etc
Weaken: Faith, Youth, Heritage, Community
Confuse Concept of Right vs Wrong
Bring all into state of NEAR CRISIS

Phase 2: Chaos
Allow Chaos
Encourage when possible
Enforce negative stereotypes
Isolate/Destroy/Discourage “Truth”
Encourage reckless habits
Remain in Shadows

Phase 3: Political System X
Grab control to “protect”
“Liquidate” those who oppose or who have been outlived
Activate Shadow System
Remain in crisis mode
Later Beck lays out the 8 steps of radicals to start a revolution and then offers his solution on how to combat it…

His plan is not the only solution to combat engage the radical left…