Biden 2007 ​Claimed He Was Shot At in the Iraqi Green Zone

Lie lies lies yeah!

Lying about being shot at seems to be a common trait among elitists! Brian Williams, Hillary, Crazy Joe and we can be sure many more to come all interestingly are dem-progressives! The sad thing is nothing happens to any of them for being the frauds they are. This is what happens when you deceive people so much through lies, misinformation etc that people shrug it off. It falls under institutionalized evil that people in power be it the press, celebrities, leadership etc can do things that are outright wrong (evil) but have done it so many times it is accepted. Granted elites have been doing this for a long time but it has gone into overdrive the last 6 years since the obamination rose to power. These people in a short time have conditioned Americans to accept bad even criminal behavior; good is now bad, right is wrong, lying about being shot at is a misunderstanding…

This is fundamental transformation in full effect..