Trump Says He Will Make Deals With Pelosi, Schumer & DC Establishment But Can’t Handle Megyn Kelly?!

Ok fine let’s all agree Megyn Kelly is biased against Trump. SO WHAT!? This is a guy who just said today he can work with anyone including Pelosi, Schumer and Reid.

This is the same guy who says he hates the media but still gives them interviews daily. The same guy who said few days ago he will become establishment to get things done. And this is the same guy who said he will bomb the shit out of ISIS but he can’t stand before the country and defend himself policies against a little blonde tv host moderating a debate? Seriously!?

Full disclosure STR was right there with Mark Levin and others defending Trump after that first Fox debate because Kelly’s questions were out of line. Regardless you [Trump] want the #1 CEO job in the world you should be able to put up with anyone! Kelly is a walk in the park compared to Putin, Khamenei, Kim Jong-un and countless dirtbags around the world! Truth is the debates are getting more serious, down to actual specifics Trump dodges from routinely (incoherently). Now some will argue he can handle it. Fine, Ted Cruz just issued a direct challenge to debate Trump 1-on-1 on Mark Levin’s radio show for 90 minutes uninterrupted by Levin(any radio show actually), except for commercial breaks. Cruz wants to hold this debate BEFORE the Iowa Caucus. If Trump is the best choice, smarter than Cruz then why hasn’t he accepted?

I know and understand why so many are passionate backing Trump, but he is not what you think he is. Again listen to his speeches and actually try to comprehend what he is saying. He rambles, jumps around and makes no sense much of the time. Trump-mania is obama-mania 2008 all over again. Wish many of you would see that he is going to continue on playing the game you have been complaining about for at least the last 10 years!