Madeleine Albright: Place in Hell For Women Who Don’t Help Each Other ➜ Clinton

Who, made fmr Sec of State Madeleine Albright “god” to condemn women who don’t “help”/ support other women (Albright means ☛ Hillary) will have a special place waiting for them in hell!? What kind of evil person (AND I MEAN THAT) would make such an outlandish statement?

Sorry Maddy but the only special place in hell is for those who support a criminal like Hillary Clinton. And no Hllary will not be going to the White House or “that other place ⬆︎”. Maybe the fmr Sec of State needs to be reminded of the countless scandals Clinton has under her belt or the witch hunts she launched against all the women her playboy hubby screwed around with that Hillary did everything in her power to destroy!

Some serious advice for Albright and many others…