Rush: Obama and His Deep State Trying to Sabotage Trump Presidency (Listen)

Obama and his ilk are fully engaged in act of sabotage against the Trump admin, and for that matter the US govt. The fmr boyking and his deep state are at the least engaged in rebellious activity and sedition by leaking info that “hinders” this administration and govt pursuant to18 USC § 2383 – Rebellion or insurrection & §2384 – Seditious conspiracy

Make no mistake about any of this, what you’re witnessing is a multi front, soft coup taking place right before our eyes and it’s disturbing how no one in Congress has stepped forward to address it.

Obama has more or less set up a bunker in Washington DC to fight Trump. Don’t agree? Then explain who would have their former advisor move in with them? If you have heard fmr Sub-President Valerie Jarrett has moved into the obama’s DC home to help run this insurgency. She’s not there to talk about the good old days. Through obama’s mindless obamabot army he is community organizing through OFA while using NY Times and other liberal media outlets to push out his propaganda that amps up his mindless uninformed followers to resist this Presidency, protest and riot.

As Rush cites a Breitbart story, if the Russian conspiracy were true then why did obama come out and squash it?
Obama Crushes Conspiracy: No Evidence That Russia Tampered with Votes in Election

The Russians never tampered with the votes so everything you’re hearing is complete and total bullshit.

Democrats want everyone to believe ALL of America was going to vote for Hillary until the sneaky crafty Ruskies showed up and made Hillary voters switch their votes to Trump! That is what this all comes down to when dems say “the Russians interfered with the election”. Here’s the problem, as pointed out on this site Jan 6th, 2017 and Rush on Jan 12th, if Russia interfered that much with the election then why/ how did Hillary win the popular vote!?
Dems are literally out of control and I truly believe as time goes on dem pols are going to go insanely out of their way to obstruct this President and the daly business of the US govt, while their drones (on the streets controlled by obama, Soros and other radicals) will get extremely violent taking every word they’re told as gospel. This COLD civil war is going to quickly heat up the deeper we go into the Trump Presidency.

Prepare for the worst, hope for the best…