14yr Old Boy VICIOUSLY Attacked on School Bus Because He Supports Trump


Behold the offspring of the tolerant Left… 🙄 This 14 yr old boy, Tyler, was viciously attacked because he wore a Trump hat to school, where earlier in the day these MONSTERS poured milk on his head.

Watch it again understand that according to Tyler’s mother (@AmericanDiaries) it’s only 21 secs of a longer video, but more importantly the pure rage coming from these unhinged violent Leftist kids. They didn’t learn to behave like this on their own, they learned it and are encouraged by their parents as well as those they “look up to”. Seeing this kind of rage is all too common, being committed by unhinged violent Leftists* YOUNG or OLD. You NEVER see videos like this of conservatives ganging up on a Leftist adult let alone a kid.

This nonsense has to stop because we are headed down a very dark road unless the adults grow up stop projecting their anger, based on a mountain of lies, with the mean orange man onto their kids.

Full thread, more info and questions some are asking are answered here, you just have to read it!

*If you frequent this site you have seen me post “unhinged violent Leftists” repeatedly to describe democrats/ Leftists and their ilk. I do not use that description facetiously, I don’t care how old or what sex they are, ALL Leftists IMO are unhinged and violent, this attack video along with countless others posted on this site are proof. If you cross these people saying or wearing something they don’t like, they will attack you – first with words, or they go after your job/career/livelihood, or family and when all that intimidation doesn’t work they get physically violent.

We’re in cold Civil War RIGHT NOW whether you want to admit or not. The level of vitriol, divisiveness, outright hate and acts of violence now is the same if not worse as it was in the 1850’s. After the democrats recent antics over the last 2-3 weeks they moved us from 1859 to 1860, while standing on the gas pedal to get us to 1861 when actual wartime shots were fired. There is 423,000,000+ guns and 8,100,000,000+ rounds of ammo in the hands of the American people; the majority in the hands of the SANE Right. It is unwise for the people who don’t which bathroom or pronoun to use to be picking an actual physical fight with all the “bitter Bible, Constitution and gun clingers”!