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As time goes on and this Limbaugh/ Fluke story fades there will be others. Target any corporation, business, high profile public figures etc who are actively engaged in activities that are against this country, freedom and liberty. 

There are many to target these are just examples:

Corporation: GE

Business: Pro Flowers

Individual/ Entertainment: George Clooney, The View (advertisers of The View)

Money is what makes all these companies and individuals go round, it IS their number one motivator. Customer satisfaction, making quality product or offering top notch service is secondary. You want to get someone's attention go after their wallet! Attack ones bottom line and you motivate them to do what you want by taking the money out of their pocket! To elevate this Counter Boycott to an even higher level anyone who may be a stockholder in these companies that engage in boycotts please consider selling off the stocks you own in them. Organize with other stockholders to initiate a Counter Boycott Stock Selloff! After all those ad revenues & sales they are trying to protect are also to protect the value of the company’s stock. DRIVE THE STOCK VAUE DOWN!

Take YOUR hard earned money away from those who need it that are working against you. You need to understand these corporations, businesses, high profile public figures are taking a stand not only against conservatives like Rush and Beck but also freedom, liberty and YOU! 

America these entities are not on your side! They are in fact in support & working indirectly against the average John/Jane Homemaker.  It will be hard to cut ties but you need to make a decision on what’s more important: getting things or restoring this nation?

Whether its a product, song, movie whatever there is someone behind it who is not on board with the true agenda of the American people. It’s not going to be easy to cut loose from things we are use to having, but we have to do the things that are hard. Doing the things that will be hard is what will eventually save this nation. Let’s make something else clear these targets of a Counter Boycott  don’t care about how their decisions will effect people by pulling ads or support.

Conservative radio, TV hosts businesses have people to pay too! The radio & TV stations have people to pay, all of that gets threatened in situations like what’s taking place currently towards Rush Limbaugh (whether you agree with him or not)! Most people just don’t realize it because they never look at it from this angle!! Instead they are all caught up with what was said ignoring the fact that his loss in advertisers affects a huge food chain. This attack by the left many will argue is the first step in getting someone kicked off the air. The parent radio or TV company will not be able to afford or recover losses so they have 2 choices, 1) ride it out hope to replace the lost advertisers or 2) replace the show! The true goal by radicals is for the show to go under and get yanked as the parent company will not be able to handle the losses. We want to counter that folks! You want to say to those companies who pull ads or support under pressure that those revenues/ sales they are trying to protect are going to go either way! 

Don't buy their crap, if you need something you can more than likely find it made/ produced somewhere else. Do you have to have those Levi jeans after their ad last year which “praised” the Arab Spring? Do you have to use Pro Flowers since they took sides over the Limbaugh/ Fluke incident? Will it be the end of the world if you buy your next mattress from someone other than Sleep Train or Select Comfort? There are plenty of alternatives and you might just like the change! If anything a Counter Boycott will force advertisers to go neutral.

How do you fight the music and TV/ movie industry?

Don't go to their concerts, stop watching their shows or going to movie theaters for starters. That’s where many entertainers make the majority of their money. Oh and that also goes for "comedians" aka liberal hacks like Chris Rock, Bill Maher or whomever. Pull your subscription from HBO or whatever cable/satellite subscription with regards to Maher as well. For some unknown reason people hate Maher yet continue to give HBO their money every month for the few movies they watch. You do know you are putting money in his pocket even if you don't watch his horrible show? You know that right?!

Do you have to have that album or buy that DVD by so and so? Substitutes and alternatives don’t work here, but lets be honest when it comes to entertainment ie music/ movies Napster of the early 90's has given birth to countless spinoffs to this day. You probably know someone who has a massive library of music/ movies they didnt pay one dime for. Now before you get worked up and say its illegal NO ITS NOT

Think back to the early 80's, how many of you had VCR's recording your favorite show/ movie? (if you were one of the lucky ones who knew how to program a VCR) How many of you made "tapes" for your boyfriend or girlfriend, something to listen to on your Walkman while you worked out, or recorded that new song off the radio!? How many blank audio cassettes and video tapes did you buy to record all kinds of entertainment.... copyrighted entertainment?

Jump forward a decade and on where the storage media went from video & audio cassettes to recordable CDs & DVDs, zip drives, thumb drives, memory cards etc etc! It’s no different today to how it was then when you were pounding that VCR to stop flashing 12:00 am to record something! Hard-drives, memory cards etc have become the cassette/video tapes of today. The internet has become the new radio/ tv "airwaves". Do you have a DVR/ TiVo? It's same difference! The technology has changed but the act is the same of copying copyright material for personal use.

PERSONAL USE... capisce?! This came up recently with the debate over SOPA & PIPA (Not going to get into them here) but these issues were already addressed in 1984!! The Supreme Court ruled on this very issue in Sony vs Universal!! So boycotting Hollywood and entertainers by not buying their crap is an option too! 

Folks it cannot be stressed enough that it’s about the money, they don’t care about you they are only pulling ads or whatever to protect their bottom line, bonuses etc. So if businesses and high profile public figures want to take sides then punish them, take the money away from them! 

 "But what about the employees of those companies they are hardworking and don’t deserve this"? 

You are right they don't! But how can they sit back knowing their bosses are acting against workers just like them? How many of those hard workers are fans of Rush, Beck, Hannity or businesses with conservative roots?  No no one ever looks at it from that perspective. This is by far one of the hardest decisions anyone will have to make because it will impact innocent people; in war its called collateral damage. Remember where you are, The Art of Political Guerrilla Warfare...

Those employees who could be affected need to understand there is no law saying they cant invoke their own mutiny against the company for taking sides. TAKE A STAND internally get a set of balls for once because that company you are working for just gave away freedom by bowing to threats of the radical left! That company you work for that just yanked ads or stopped doing business with whomever just took a stand against liberty and freedom! That company that just yanked ads from XYZ has indirectly threatened the jobs of hard working people at those radio & TV stations or some other business! Surely there must be people working for some of these companies who are mad as hell about what their higher ups are doing? Companies should really stay out of politics but they don’t so they need to be encouraged to sit on the sidelines.  If these corporations, businesses and high profile public figures stay neutral they have nothing to worry about.

It’s not just XYZ who is under attack YOUR liberty and freedom is under attack as well! In attempts to punish Rush, Beck, Fox News, Koch Industries or whomever it all eventually funnels down to YOU! You don't want to act FINE, just don't you dare ever complain about what’s going on.

America you all are looking for solutions to fight back, through STR you are being given those very tools to fight back via STR Tactics. If you are going to make excuses against initiating a Counter Boycott then you might as well sit down and shut up! Everyone is upset not knowing “what more they can do” against the power grab and intimidation agenda of the left. This IS something you can do, it hurts the left directly because its really about their money. If you aren’t ready to participate/ initiate a Counter Boycott then you just aren’t ready period. This is something simple and immediate that will affect those supporting the radical left agenda today. Whining, complaining, bitching but not taking action means you are all talk. The time is now to run with the ball and you don’t want to play? Then get out of the game, get out of the way and be quiet. 

You need to take a stand America time is running out....


Times have changed ladies and gentlemen, all the arguments not to engage boycotts don't hold water anymore. Let it be made clear those who are targeted are not being targeted over petty issues. Those being targeted are in fact showing support for this radical administrations policies.  If you vehemently disagree with, the current “crisis” created by the left, contraception healthcare mandate in Obamacare how can you honestly frequent and give your hard earned money to corporations that are in support of Obamacare? You hate Obamacare but will support a company that supports it? Really?? Is that how it works today? A bit two faced don't you think?

There was great hesitation in releasing this tactic as it has been planned for quite a while. The main reason is because boycotts hurt Americans, hard working Americans especially in hard economic times. Sometimes you just have to look around because the "signs are everywhere", you just have to know how to read them. Call it coincidence (which is not believed here at STR) or divine intervention with the latest attack at Rush Limbaugh after calling Sandra Fluke a "slut" the light bulb went off. It seems we have a double standard taking place in America by businesses. Many conservative hosts and tv personalities are adamantly against boycotts. From Glenn Beck to Sean Hannity because they believe people have a right to choose and businesses have a right to do as they please. But what about the businesses, corporations and high profile personalities? Why is it okay for a company  like Sleep Train, Quicken Loans, Legal Zoom etc to pull ads from Limbaugh or numerous advertisers to pull ads from Beck when he was on Fox News and that action not be called a boycott?  These corporations pulling their ads out of pressure from one group under the threat being boycotted are in fact joining in on the boycott!!

Why are corporations  given a pass when they pull advertising because its "not a representation of their views" aka boycott? Those businesses are in fact boycotting when they say "we don't agree with the views expressed on XYZ and have decided to direct our advertising activity to other markets" Thats corporate Americas nice way of saying we are boycotting XYZ! Every single one of them is giving a lame excuse, spin if you will for their reasoning in pulling their ads. Yet why is it a crime to fire back at them and boycott them for boycotting someone expressing their views? This is the one area that those in the conservative side who are against boycotts make no sense on. They will lose revenue from the loss of advertisers for simply expressing themselves. Conservative hosts comment on how businesses are engaged in activities which one could deem un-American (GE) yet say "I'm not calling for a boycott... I don't believe in them" Ok great you don't but they do because they just gave into pressure and pulled ads from your program!  Save face, hold you head up high, not going to stoop to their level is generally the reason but understand while your holding your head up high to save face its also to keep your head back from the bloody nose you got from the left!!

Initiating boycotts to STR standards are to target those individuals(political, entertainment etc), businesses, entities etc who are in fact supporting radical policies. This Tactic is not to boycott a company over how a product is made, ingredients, raw materials, how the product is tested etc. Let it be clear we are targeting large corporations, businesses and individuals etc who have taken sides with the left.  What is being proposed here gets to the very essence of an ongoing question posed to every single American who claims they have had enough:                         What are you prepared to do?

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