Break Crazy Tea Party Bubble: Van Jones Reveals The Strategy Behind Villainizing The Tea Party

Good grief this guy makes my eyes and ears bleed! TEA party bubble huh! Ok lets see his first statement applies to them. Only threat to this country, only one(s) dividing it are those of you that sit there and plot this stuff out VAN! Obamas policies ARE a threat to liberty if you hate freedom of speech, where you get your healthcare from, how a business operates… Funny as far as the bad actors go, will you be naming yourself VAN? LOL “We talked to, AFL-CIO, SEIU, Planned Parenthood… 70 name brand organizations” yea they are peaceful unbiased, non radical organizations too VAN! Curious VAN how does one who wants smaller govt, lower taxes, fiscal responsibility, calling people LIARS/ DIVIDERS/ AGITATORS LIKE YOU out abusing the country NOT patriots? Funny those governments you cite are communist social governments, thanks for spelling it out on what you want here VAN! Taking that red white and blue wrecking ball to your socialistic/communist progressive views is damn straight, since those things you prop up are part to blame for making this country a total mess.. VAN! Yea uhuh your goal is liberty and justice under the socialist, marxist, communist progressive nightmare that bears a red and gold flag!!! My god this man is dangerous and is slick with the tongue, better at it than Emperor Obama! He can sway the zombies without a teleprompter!