Three Phases of Radical Revolutionaries: Infiltration, Crisis, Political System X

Glenn Beck in 2012 broke down the three phases of progressive radical revolutionaries. The names of players have changed since this originally aired (ie Occupy is now BLM) but it’s still the same operation playing out today. Everything playing out right now fits this breakdown Beck did 8 years ago! Say what you want about the guy but when he does content like this he’s been dead on!

Phase 1: Infiltration (sound familiar?)
Infiltrate & Organize Groups for Control
Create a Shadow Government
Infiltrate: Government, Labor, Education, Media, Military, Courts, Etc
Weaken: Faith, Youth, Heritage (ie – destroying statues, revisionist history), Community
Confuse Concept of Right vs Wrong
Bring all into state of NEAR CRISIS

Phase 2: Crisis/Chaos
Allow Chaos (ie- leaders standing by as cities are burned, looted, mass riots while restraining law enforcement)
Encourage chaos when possible
Enforce negative stereotypes
Isolate/Destroy/Discourage “Truth”
Encourage reckless habits
Remain in shadows

Phase 3: Political System X
Grab control to “protect”
“Liquidate” those who oppose or who have been outlived
Activate shadow system
Remain in crisis mode

As Beck would say we’re there folks…

Here Beck laid out the 8 steps radicals take to start a revolution and then offered a counter to combat it…

His plan is not the only solution to combat engage the radical left…