Biden Not Visiting Border While In AZ Because “There’s More Important Things Going On”

The PROVEN illegitimate individual couldn’t careless about the border invasion, telling reports there’s more important things going on, as he prepared to go to AZ to speak about a new microchip factory. His refusal to go to the border is an admission he wants as many illegals as possible to get into the country, to in fact do to the US what was done to California, as this site has been warning for years.

5+ million illegals have entered the US, who will contribute nothing but drain the economic and social welfare system established for Americans who are down and out. They are overwhelming our schools, and hospitals.. and jails! These people are useless, only serving one purpose to become a new voting block for the communist party in the longterm. Short term their numbers will change demographics, their presence is in fact a vote when democrat districts they’ve conveniently settled in, or those teetering between repub or dem, are split because population increase creating another dem district which equals another dem in Congress. Again this is what happened in Calif which is now under permanent one party rule.

The Founders left the blueprints on how to stop all this, NONE of you have the balls to make it happen, so don’t bitch and complain.