Proof America is Banana Republic – Senator Leahy, NOT Chief Justice, is Presiding Over Trump Impeachment Hearing


If there was ever any question whether America is a banana republic, the shenanigans taking place in the US Senate should put those them to rest.

Senator Patrick Leahy, who is clearly NOT bi-partisan, is presiding over the bs impeachment of Pres Trump.. former President. Chief Justice John Roberts must be present only when the sitting president is on trial.

Got it? So what you have here is just another example of the never ending witch hunt against Donald Trump. The socialists are holding impeachment proceedings, dictating how the entire process is carried out against a CIVILIAN, because they fear him and the power he holds. If they can do this to Trump they can do it to you!

Oh and if you don’t know, the CCP’s Fang Fang’s toy Rep Eric Swalwell (Chinese asset) is a member of the House delegation who delivered faux articles of impeachment and will be prosecuting their case.

One party in majority is going after their political opponents, be it impeaching Trump to arresting the Walk Away campaign’s Brandon Straka. This is something we normally see from some third world countries. This past election has proven there is a lot in common between America and Venezuela and at the rate the illegitimate regime is going we may look like that country or others very soon!