TX Delegate Shares SCOTUS Staffer’s Claim Justices Fought Over Taking Up TX Lawsuit, Fearing More Riots From Dems

We were told SCOTUS Justices have been meeting via teleconference yet this Texas Congressman and delegate Matt Patrick felt compelled to share this story of a SCOTUS staffer’s claim that the Justices fought over taking up the TX lawsuit.

Is this true about Chief Justice John Roberts and the other Justices? Without video or audio this is here say BUT Roberts has a history of defying the will of the American people more importantly upholding the rule of law – he did it with obamacare and some other high profile cases and now rejecting the TX lawsuit.

Some say Roberts flew on the Lolita Express to Epstein Island so someone somewhere has devastating dirt on him, making him quite the pawn. There is a log entry of a “John Roberts” being flown there, is it the Chief Justice or the guy from Fox News??

What’s worse about this is the power the Left has over this country, where if this story is true these people would rather allow an election be stolen, the rule of law violated than deal with the democrat party’s foot soldiers having another fit. Their acts of domestic terrorism worked so much so SCOTUS allegedly refused to take up the case in fear of more riots. But you know that’s also YOUR FAULT!

Republicans think sitting with their hands folded and noses held high was the better way to go over the years than stooping to the dems level. Well guess what you still got a bloody nose trying to be all high and mighty better than them and you still lost. This is something yours truly tried to get through to conservatives, TEA Party activists and republicans for years in this video, but no one “got it”… you will now!

It is time for the Right to stop playing by the Left’s rules and being nice just like a vet warned CA lawmakers a few mos back over the lockdown orders. Take the gloves off, get out in the streets and put the fear of God in DC, SCOTUS and especially the democrats.

We’re there folks, this is NOT 1776, it’s 1861.