Bartiromo: ‘Intel Source’ Said Trump Won the Election


Maria Bartiromo announced early today that an intel source told her Pres Trump had in fact won the election, but it would be ‘up to the Supreme Court to hear suits from other cases across the country to stop the clock’

Based on what we’ve seen to date, no court including SCOTUS is interested in hearing the evidence presented of election fraud. Judges are dismissing cases brought by the Trump campaign and other plaintiffs left and right on procedural issues, not merit or substance as Ken Starr told Sen Rand Paul today.

We have actual evidence of election fraud taking place from video of a poll worker counting ballots 3 times to the audit of Dominion machines revealing a multitude of errors and violations in which the WI State Atty General tried to keep sealed!

The fix is in America, this coup against Pres Trump is bigger than any of us can imagine. Sorry to say, don’t hold your breath for SCOTUS to come through. They already showed their cards when the rejected the TX lawsuit, they’ll find other excuses to refuse other suits.

This country is in a lot of danger.