Rush Caller Goes NUCLEAR on Conservative Media, Fox & GOP: Fed Up With All of You


Rush Limbaugh closed out his show today taking a call from one of his listeners that was quite unexpected. Ed, a conservative from FL, went nuclear on conservative talk radio (Rush, Hannity), Fox News (rightfully so) and the spineless GOP for being distracted over racism and in a nutshell always bringing a knife to a gun fight!

Ed is 110% right and speaks for MILLIONS of Americans, the very same millions whose votes have been nullified through democrats stealing the election, where federal courts to SCOTUS CHOSE not to give Pres Trump and plaintiffs their day in court to present evidence of fraud… theft!

Rush, Hannity and many others in conservative media got suckered into talking about riots, BLM, abortion and all the other smokescreens democrats put up. While they were distracted the democrats were changing election laws, getting slimy liberal lawyers into every single court to defend all the changes they were making. Did you hear anyone in conservative media talking about any of that in the months prior to the election? Those with the largest audience were not, they MAY have touched on it on occasion but for the most part NO ONE was alerting Americans about what the dems were really up to.

The GOP knew, but they did nothing. Some RINO leftovers in the Trump admin brought in by Reince Priebus were too busy lining their pockets than taking the necessary action to protect OUR VOTES!

Ed is right, if the dems take control then we get what we deserve for being distracted with the nonsense. Dems are many things, including unhinged, but they are 10 steps ahead of us. They play the long game while the GOP is all about right now.