Violent Left Continues to Terrorize SCOTUS Justices as WH & Law Enforcement Remain Silent

We have video footage of primarily unhinged PRIVILEGED WHITE Leftists doxxing and going to SCOTUS Justices homes making threats, terrorizing them over the draft opinion that was leaked about Roe v Wade, and the White House and law enforcement remain silent.

Here we have White House spokesIDIOT/ginger demon bending over backwards to call the harassment… terrorizing of SCOTUS Justices, which is FEDERAL CRIME, a peaceful protest!

Look at the cops in these vids, they’re doing NOTHING when we have laws making it clear what these monsters are doing is ILLEGAL.

You cannot trust the police anymore. Yea, yea “defend the blue”, nope sorry that motto is not supported/promoted by this site, far too much footage showing cops can’t be trusted, or depended on when things matter. And when they do act they tend to arrest the people being harassed and targeted when they finally had enough and defend themselves.

Leftists are BULLIES, and yet as tough as the Right talks they allow themselves to be bullied 24/7/365. It’s time for people on the Right to STOP cowering to the Left. It’s time for “Ralphie Parker” to dish some out to “Scut Farkus”.