Schumer: I’m Comfortable With Protests Outside Justices Homes

Chuck Schumer is by far one of the worst “people” to ever serve in Congress. This monster tries to use protests he’s been subjected to as an excuse that it’s okay to do it to SCOTUS. He doesn’t even know the law as he gives his support for unhinged violent Leftists to harass, intimidate and terrorize SCOTUS Justices, all of which are federal crimes!

That’s right America the Senate Majority Ldr is giving violent radicals his blessing to violate the law because the end justifies the means. He is telling them to go ahead and do what they did all of 2020, burning, looting, assaults even murder.

Congress, the White House, and our election system are compromised/lost, once we lose SCOTUS it’s just a matter of time until the country is at war.