ABC News’ Jon Karl FIRST Suggested Injecting Bleach And Isopropyl Alcohol

As Disinfectant-gate rolls on, the record needs to be set straight with this clip from the April 23rd presser where it was in fact ABC News’, and WHCA’s president, Third Rate Reporter  Jon Karl who first suggested injecting bleach and isopropyl alcohol!

“Disinfectant” COVID-19 Treatment Gets FDA Approval For Clinical Trials!
How convenient, Trump asks about a possible method of treatment, “And is there a way we can do something like that, by injection inside or almost a cleaning?,” that would have the same effect on the virus as harsh disinfectants, and a media figure puts words in his mouth that everyone on the Left runs with as the truth. Someone should ask Karl and all the others attacking Trump what exactly they think Chemotherapy is, and what it does to ones body since they think what he said is so outrageous!

These people are incredibly corrupt and dishonest nothing they say should ever be trusted. Remember Biden said they must choose “truth over facts”,  telling everyone how the Left plays this game of manipulation of information.

Trump never said for people to have disinfectant or isosopropyl alcohol injected into someones body, Karl said it. This is just another attempt of painting the President of the United States as incompetent and that he wants people to die. In reality it is the Left who wants this as they’ve challenged every positive story about chloroquine and other treatments. They want their vaccines from Bill Gates who loves them, wants to use vaccines to control the population in order to lower CO2 levels!