‘Third Rate Reporter’ Who Runs the WH Press Corps Invited Reporter With News Org That Has Ties to Communist China


The media is all worked up following the latest tussle Pres Trump had with reporters at the daily coronavirus presser on April 6th. This time around there is an interesting, but not surprising twist to it.

First Jonathan Karl tried his gotcha politics with the President over an IG claiming a shortage of CV tests for approx 300 hospitals. The Pres asked where this info originated to get him a name of the HHS IG. Karl followed up that it was by Christi Grimm and then Trump asked when was she appointed and then moved on. Karl then pushed the issue again and when asked he finally revealed Grimm was an obama appointee.. not really recent was she! In typical fashion the President tore into Karl,”You didn’t tell me that! Did serve in the previous administration, you mean the Obama administration, thank you for telling me that! See, there’s a typical fake news deal! No, look, look! You’re a third rate reporter, and what you just said is a disgrace!

Ok so that’s an example of Jon Karl for you who, used to do down the middle reporting but like many on the Left, has turned journalism into political activism.

Next came a question or a statement really from a reporter with Phoenix TV based out of Hong Kong. Her statement sings like typical Chinese propaganda and the President sensed something was up even asking her if the network is run by the Chinese govt. The young woman said no…

.. but it turns out Phoenix TV has direct ties to the ChiComs:

“Phoenix TV has been identified by U.S. intelligence agencies as a major overseas outlet used to spread propaganda and promote the policies of the communist government in Beijing. The Hong Kong television station also has close ties to China’s intelligence service and military.”FreeBeacon

Phoenix TV is partially owned by Liu Changle, a former “reporter” for communist China’s state-run media and financially, he benefitted handsomely from his close ties to Beijing:

‘Phoenix is the only private television network in China allowed to broadcast news in Chinese, a privilege that reflects the warm relationship Liu has cultivated with party leaders. But on the phone that day in January, he defied the authorities and quickly approved the Zhao story, recalled the reporter, Rose Luqiu.

While the government barred its own radio and television stations from reporting Zhao’s death, Phoenix led its evening newscast with her brief report. Then the station’s commentators began discussing Zhao’s legacy and whether his death might prompt new calls for political reform.
Almost immediately, one after another, provincial governments began cutting off the Phoenix signal. Alarmed, Liu flew back to Beijing, smoothed things over with the authorities — and stopped his journalists from pushing the Zhao story any further.'”~Dana Loesch

And who do we have to thank for giving Communist Chinese propagandists access to the White House Press Corps, to be able to sit within a few feet of the President of the United States?

Jon Karl!

Karl is the President of the White House Correspondents’ Association. The WHCA decides who in the press has access to the briefings or not.

You just can’t make this up anymore, the Left continues to one up themselves everyday. They are in constant seek and destroy mode against Trump, supporting every position he opposes from abortion to MS-13 and are touting Communist China propaganda, except when they open the door to ChiComs to do it personally!

When the President calls the media fake news and enemy of the People this is why. Trump nor anyone else who uses similar language is being facetious, it’s the truth. Journalism is completely dead in America. They are propagandists for the democrat party and apparently Communist China.