Susan Rice: Trump’s ‘Utter Incompetence’ Has ‘Cost Tens of Thousands of American Lives’


Susan Rice is by far one of the most despicable, vile individuals to ever serve in the US govt as obama’s national security czar. This certifiable LIAR had the audacity, on friday speaking to the Washington Post, to accuse Pres Trump of “utter lack of leadership, utter incompetence. And he’s been profoundly dishonest about the nature of the threat to the American people by downplaying it, by dismissing it“.. “I just know that he has cost tens of thousands of American lives.”

There are no words to express the level of contempt I have for the Left anymore without going on an expletive loaded tirade. This woman.. monster… THIS TERRORIST went on 5 networks in one day pushing lies about the Benghazi attack, that a video NO ONE SAW was responsible for the attack that left 4 Americans, including a US ambassador, dead and many others seriously injured.

Rice LIED to those networks and the American people to cover up a gun running operation out of Libya into the Syria via Turkey to “rebels” who turned out to be ISIS! (supporting content is allover this site) Why would anyone give this TERRORIST a minute of their time, or any credibility to anything she has to say? But that is what the Washington Post does, they attack the President because they are political activists NOT journalists.

Pres Trump has done everything possible to help the country with this pandemic. The obama administration FAILED to replenish the supplies they depleted, so it’s no wonder Rice is out there running cover for the bastard obama who will do down as the worst president in US history. He’s been out of power for almost 4 years and the unhinged violent Left continues to run cover for him, doing revisionist history while trashing Trump at the same time.

Let me say this one more time.. the US wasn’t and will never be prepared for a major pandemic. There are NOT 330+M respirators, beds, and supplies for medical staff sitting in warehouses across this country. There never was and there never will be. Anyone accusing this President of not being prepared is an outright LIAR. And for the record the problems Trump has had to deal with in the wake of this pandemic Hillary would have had to deal with too had she won. obama screwed his predecessor by not replenishing supplies, and not having the foresight to prepare for something bigger after dealing with swine flu and the ebola outbreak.