Democrats Intro Bill to Give Emergency Relief Money to Illegal Immigrants


House democrats (Reps Lou Correa, Judy Chu and Raúl Grijalva) introduced a bill to give illegal immigrants money from the emergency relief bill (CARES Act). This move explains Pelosi’s call for a commission, led by Jim Clyburn, to oversee how the money is spent. Dems want to make sure their undocumented voters are taken care of before US citizens.

Under their proposed Leave No Taxpayer Behind Act stimulus money will go to all tax payers in the US including illegals, “to correct an egregious error in the $2 trillion CAREs Act that disqualified ITIN taxpayers from receiving federal cash assistance. The Leave No Taxpayer Behind Act amends the CAREs Act to ensure that all taxpayers are eligible for their $1,200 relief check.”


Illegals shouldn’t be in the US in the first place, they shouldn’t be receiving ITIN numbers (Individual Taxpayer Identification Number) because immigration law clearly states employing illegals is a crime! The govt is violating its own laws and the democrats have weaponized these people against their own country.

You know where that money dems are trying to get for illegals will be going? No, not back into the US economy, they’re going to wire to family in parts unknown south of the border!

Dems are constantly demonstrating how dangerous they are with just a little bit of power. God help us if they get a super majority like they had when obama was in office. It’s on you to make sure that doesn’t happen in 212 days.