Sen Harris Attacks Trump’s Virus Response: ‘This Guy Doesn’t Understand His Job’

Kamala Harris is not happy with the Presidents response to the virus, saying he ‘doesn’t understand his job’. Being the first world leader to issue a travel ban to mitigate the number infected in America that was a game changer wasn’t enough. Deploying resources to California, New York and other states with democrat leaders who have offered nothing but praise isn’t enough. Gettinghte help of major US corporations to help deliver equipment and supplies is not enough for her either.

Harris and every member of the democratic caucus has done absolutely NOTHING. She speaks about how the President should be doing his job, but that long list isn’t being done be her, Schumer or any other democrat. They did create a bill, and in that bill they got as much pork spending they could possibly get by holding a proverbial gun to the GOP’s head. That’s it, that’s all she and the dems did to help the country is make sure there’s funding for women’s personal needs (tampons etc) [pgs 364/365], $35M in funding for the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts [pg 722], $150M for the National Endowment for the Arts and Humanities [pg 724], $350M for Migration and Refugee Assistance [pg 817], $75M to the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (aka NPR who doen’t air Pres Trump’s pressers)[pg 770], oh here’s a good one – $513 million for the African Development Fund [pgs 827/828] are republican pet projects.

They’re all here plus so much more, here is the final bill CARES Act, THAT’S WHAT THE DEMS DID!

Donald Trump has given the truth, and on many occasions he has warned tough times are coming. He hasn’t been absolute on any of the treatments but is optimistic and hopeful. He is optimistic and hopeful everything will get better and the economy will come back while Harris and her ilk are attacking 24/7.

The fact is we have NEVER had anything like this happen before, not even when the swine flu hit. So NO, there aren’t enough ventilators, beds, masks, shields etc – there NEVER WAS! Trump is doing everything he can, mobilizing manufacturers from all over the country to retool and make the supplies we need WITHOUT having to invoke Defense Production Act! Pay attention to what he does, not what he says, which Harris and the biased media hang on.

Unfortunately, Harris and co and poisoning the message getting out to the American people. Go to the page for this video and look at the comments. The people responding to this video have no clue, they only know the hate the democrat party and media are spewing.

Kamala isn’t helping, she is the problem, and so is every single democrat who carries on like her. In 214 days you will have the chance to stop them. You can either sit home or get out and vote to once and for all get monsters like Harris out of office (tough in CA) or at least take majority power from them. Democrats have demonstrated repeatedly they can’t be trusted with any degree of power. Take it away Nov 3rd so this country can start healing.