Pelosi Forms House Committee to Oversee Relief Bill Spending


Well, isn’t this rich!? Pelosi delayed the original bipartisan emergency relief bill in the Senate trying to get all kinds of democrat pet projects funded. After holding things up for a week, and more or less holding gun to the GOP’s head, she got many of her pet projects in the final CARES Act that have absolutely nothing to do with helping companies and Americans put out of business by the virus.

Pelosi is going to slap the country in the face announcing April 2nd she’s forming a House committee for ‘accountability,’ under Rep Jim Clyburn, ensuring YOUR money is spent “wisely and efficiently”! This is in addition to the bill Adam Schiff is drawing up to investigate the pandemic.

Yeah, the convicts want to run the prison! This is what democrats do when they hold 1/2 of 1/3 of total government power. Imagine what they will do if they hold majority in the House win the Senate and God forbid taketh White House? Democrats have to be POLITICALLY exterminated in November.