Schiff Drawing Up Legislation to Investigate How Coronavirus Has Been Handled


Adam Schiff the California Congressman who ran the worst, most biased and unfair impeachment trial in US history announced he’s working on legislation for a 9/11 style investigation into the coronavirus.

Nothing went wrong we have/had an antiquated testing system that has already been revamped by this President. As for being unprepared “WE” were never prepared for something of this magnitude – sorry to inform you all but there aren’t 330M+ ventilators, hospital beds, 50X that in masks, gowns, shields or any of the other supplies that got rapidly depleted.

Does anyone really believe Schiff is open to making it official the obama admin FAILED to replenish medical supplies, beef up the inventory and system after dealing with swine flu and the ebola outbreak, putting an unnecessary burden on the next admin (Trump)? Everyone needs to understand this all could have happened under Hillary who would’ve been left with all same the problems Trump is dealing with. Whether people want to hear it or not, any and all failures now are a result of obama’s dismal handling of the country. And for the record Hillary, let alone obama, could never rally US corporations as Pres Trump has to manufacture the supplies and equipment we need. They would be calling on foreign help right now!

Schiff is just looking for a way to blame Pres Trump, he’s laying the groundwork to gather evidence to use against the President in what many think is another impeachment attempt. Don’t forget Rep Bass, SPOKESWOMAN Pelosi, and Shifty Schiff all said they were open to impeaching Trump again!

Throw the dems out in Nov, otherwise if/when Trump wins they’ll put us through another impeachment circus.