Pelosi Leaving Door Open to Impeaching Trump Again


Nancy Pelosi created a mess with the democrats impeachment nightmare with the hopes of swaying voters in November to not vote for Trump, retake the Senate and hold the House majorities. The only reason why she is leaving the door open to another impeachment is because this one was a disaster, completely one sided, refused to allow the minority call up their own witnesses etc.

The dems Articles of Impeachment specify no actual crime committed, yet you’ll hear them say he broke the law. What law, what is the federal statute he violated? You’ll never hear an answer to this.

Everything Trump does and says is impeachable. And everything done in defense of Pres Trump is a cover-up to the democrat party.

Talk about abuse of power, we have her right here on video saying she doesn’t want to allow the court system to do what it was designed to do.

These people are engaged in documented acts of rebellion/ insurrection and acts of sedition. Nothing will ever happen to them, because DC is lawless, a shining example the U.S. is a banana republic with 2 sets of rules:
One for the elites who can break laws who will never spend a day in jail.
The other for the People who if they break the same laws will end up in jail.