Trump Worried Democrats Can’t Be Trusted With Classified Info Because They Leak IMMEDIATELY!

The democrats have done so much damage with leaking info to the media, which inevitably and obviously gets to America’s enemies, the President DOES NOT trust sharing classified intelligence with them on time sensitive matters like the Soleimani airstrike!

It’s not just Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer or Adam Schiff who has the media on speed dial when they’re not waiting for him outside a SCIF, you have to wonder and worry about people like Ilhan Omar, who clearly sides with America’s enemies who may leak intel too if she gets word of things going down.

The democrats have demonstrated repeatedly they cannot be trusted. Not only is this a national security problem, when the President fears sharing intel, but it’s a danger to US foreign policy with our allies. Will they hesitate sharing intel with the admin knowing the opposing party enjoys leaking intel to hurt the admin for cheap political points!?

Dems are a threat to the US with their radical ideology, and vindictive behavior. You have 297 days to do whatever you must to keep democrats out of power through political extermination.