IRATE Protester Crashes Liz Warren Town Hall


Elizabeth Warren was holding a town rally… by the numbers in attendance more like a get together in Dover, NH, that was crashed by one seriously irate protester. The unknown man was screaming at top of his lungs calling Warren out for siding with Iran and ISIS, pushing the Green New Deal and rightfully being a fraud (ya know her false claims of being “native” American)!

“My grandfather was in WW2! You’re siding with ISIS! You’re siding with Iran! Why are you siding with terrorists!? Why are you siding with terrorists!? My grandfather died in WW2! You’re a fraud! Disgusting!…” 

Can’t disagree with him on any of these points. The delivery was bad but understandable over the constant bs and taking sides with our enemies the Left has been doing for far too long. This guy is just a hint of the rage going through a lot of Americans who are genuinely tired of the nonsense. Warren was definitely freaked out by the guy, not even attempting to defend herself and asking the guy to leave. That’s a good because it puts her and the others on notice, people on the other side are not happy with their agenda. People are going to have a problem with someone this irate but the Left needs this. Fear is good thing…