Antifa Gets Shot After Attacking Man With Skateboard


Skateboards are the primary weapons of many Antifa domestic terrorists. If you encounter these monsters with a skateboard in hand keep your distance from them.

Yesterday in Albuquerque, New Mexico protesters attempted to pull down another statue, this time of conquistador Juan de Oñate. Naturally counter protesters showed up, where you once again had your mix of 4, F O U R factions of protesters present like those in Charlottesville. The good people protesting for and against, and then the extremists for both sides; in this case NM Civil Guard and Antifa.

A scuffle broke out among several protesters, and as you can see in the video an Antifa domestic terrorist got into it with what appears to be a regular looking guy. The terrorist used his weapon of choice striking the man in blue who held his ground and actually began to back off (most likely in a daze). Take note, as Michelle Malkin points out, people are screaming that they are “going to f**king kill” the guy. And just like Antifa always does they attack and keep attacking where the man was compelled to draw his concealed weapon. He backed off, tried to deescalate, but they again get into it where the man was forced to defend himself, firing at the terrorist.

“Will all the news outlets & blue check marks condemning the armed counterprotester make sure to report that Antifa screamed “We’re going to f**king kill you!!” repeatedly as the mob punched & beat the man with a huge skateboard & unidentified objects? Didn’t think so…”
Michelle Malkin (@michellemalkin)

Like it or not this was a clean shoot, the man was viciously and violently attacked. Knowing he truly had the upper hand by conceal carrying, he backed off, but after being struck with that weapon and being charged/attacked again (a second Antifa attacks too), he was forced to draw his weapon to protect himself. AND it does not matter what he did prior to this. There were reports that he was instigating, even allegedly pushing/shoving some woman. Let’s say he did, that still does not justify the attack from the terrorist with the improvised weapon and others going after him. Again, to be clear, he did everything in his power to deescalate by backing off, then drawing a line by drawing his weapon. The terrorists chose to attack him regardless of the threat, and that is why this shooting will be deemed legal/ self-defense.

Oh hey, guess what? The antifa that hit the guy with the skateboard a second time had a knife! That’s why he fired his gun.

The media of course will paint this man as some gun nut, militia type even though he was in shorts, t-shirt and ball cap. They will use this as another reason to disarm the American people. If anything it’s absolute proof people need to arm themselves because the Left is out for blood. Watch the video again, that terrorist didn’t hesitate striking the man in the head with that skateboard! Skateboards are big and heavy, because they’re built to take a lot of abuse so this IS ATTEMPTED MURDER IMO!

If you can legally conceal carry this is why you do it, BUT you better have a damn good reason to draw and fire. The man acted in self-defense, any DA who sees this video will see that. It’s one more example the debate on gun control is OVER, so we should in a strange way thank these violent Leftists!

Don’t bring a skateboard to a gunfight.