Pelosi Calls For Removal of 11 Historic Statues From US Capitol


Revisionist history is alive and well in the DNC!

The democrats have the wind on their back right now to make radical changes to this country, in the name of racial justice. Nancy Pelosi isn’t missing a step now calling for the removal the of 11 statues representing Confederate soldiers and officials from the US Capitol.

We’ve been having this discussion since August 12, 2017, that resulted in 4… F O U R factions coming head to head in Charlottesville. The GOOD PEOPLE arguing for and against the removal of removal of a statue of Robert E. Lee, AND the violent EXTREMISTS on both sides who came to blows leaving 1 woman dead and 28 injured. From the way things are going this battle over what’s displayed in the US Capitol could result in real bloodshed dwarfing 2017.

These statues and monuments the Left wants to remove are our history, what made America what it is today good and bad. Thats why we have scars they are reminders of bad things happening and how we overcame them. Perfect example of this is he 18th Amendment Prohibition of Alcohol ratified on January 16, 1919, where it was then repealed via the 21st Amendment December 5, 1933. Congress DID NOT remove the 18th Amend from the Constitution they left it, it’s a scar of a very bad decision. They didn’t erase like democrats want to do now.

If we remove the bad symbols of our nations history then future generations will have nothing to learn from except what they’re told in history books written/rewritten by Leftists. Come to think of it, this all makes sense since the majority of statues and monuments being removed are reflections of the Democrat Party – Jefferson Davis and Alexander H. Stephens, and the others were DEMOCRATS! Pelosi and the dems don’t want anyone to know it was THEIR party who defended and took this country to war over their desire to preserve their way of life (slavery). Nooooo, they keep saying it was republicans but facts are facts and it was the dems who wanted slavery, took us to war over it.

I’m saying it now and calling for a MASSIVE Pitchforks and Torches March on DC if this picks up steam and becomes a reality. This has to stop, we cannot allow these hardcore radicals in power from destroying America’s history. The radical democrat party MUST be stopped and G-D every single one of you who votes for them and double that to those who are registered Republicans but sit home election day. YOU DID THIS, YOU empowered and ceded power to them every election you chose to sit out.