Terrorists Have Seized Control of a Major US City


The state of Washington under DEMOCRAT RULE has ceded the control of the equivalent of 10 street blocks, including city hall and a police precinct, in Seattle to domestic terrorists.

Antifa now rule a major city, running it like some apocalyptic movie where PIMPS are warlords shaking down local citizens and businesses for resources and support.

Many antifa terrorists are armed proudly walking the streets while others seek information online on how to construct chemical weapons

The “mayor” of Seattle doesn’t seem to give a rats ass over what she has allowed to happen, clearly following Minneapolis mayor Jacob Frey’s FAILED lead to appease the mob by giving them space that produced chaos.

Someone should tell Durkan aiding terrorists is a federal offense!

As for the Gov Inslee, the siege was news to him!


Oh, the terrorists are apparently looking to come up with their own currency and flag, don’t know what good that will do because they aren’t too good at logistics and longterm planing as the homeless have eaten all their food, so now they’re begging for soy and vegan burgers….

So what is it they want? A long list of nonsense any radical infesting this country is ranting about as of late, free everything, elimination of the rule of law (see pdf below)

Look at them… this is what American ISIS, al Qaeda, Taliban look like except these terrorists call themselves “#Antfia” anti-fascist while everything they do is in fact FASCIST and TYRANNICAL!

If there was ever a time to deploy the National Guard into a city to put down an insurrection, which is exactly what this is, now is that time and put these VIOLENT Leftists in boxes.

Make no mistake this is what America will be like if democrats get control of the White House, Senate and hold the House in November. The choice this election is clear: 
Vote Trump and GOP for peace and prosperity
Get more of this, the destruction of monuments, rule of law and the bullshit we’ve put up with in the lockdown over the scamdemic.