Biden and Dems Laying Groundwork to Challenge 2020 Election: Trump Will ‘Try To Steal This Election’


Joe Biden is out spreading conspiracy theory, and he’s getting help from the media and some politicians, that Trump will try to steal the election and that the military will have to be used to remove him from power.

Yes, Joe and democrats want to use the military to remove Trump from office, IF he loses the election, but are against using that same military to remove terrorists from our streets and cities!

First off, why did Joe really say this? Simple, Trump got well over 140K more votes than he did in the Georgia primary.

Now from Biden and the Left’s perspective GA is a blue state “that can’t happen,” plus his assumption all blacks will vote for him otherwise they’re not black! When he and his ilk ignore is that anywhere they had problems with the primary were in democrat controlled districts.

Second, where are they getting this idea Trump won’t leave office if he loses? He has never said anything suggesting so and for the record it is democrats who fix elections, they did it 2018, 2016 and just about every election. Do your homework you’ll see after every election people get busted for fraud of some kind where the majority are DEMOCRATS. Remember these are the same people who cry voter suppression and racism for anyone even remotely suggesting Vote ID’s yet no a peep out of them for everything you need an ID for. It’s racist to require ID to vote but not buy booze, tobacco products, welfare, fly on a plane, buy a gun….. you know the drill.

The democrats will challenge the election results in Nov if it is a close race, making the 2000 Bush v Gore election look like child’s play. If you want to avoid all of this you need to vote Nov 3rd and bring at least 10 people of like minds to vote too and so on for them!

Violence is coming after that election one way or another. The riots and occupation in US cities now are a warm-up for the destruction and chaos the Left is preparing to deliver after the election especially IF Trump wins. We say if because you should assume the President is down by 10pts and act accordingly the next 145 days! Anyone talking landslide and a Trump victory should refrain from that kind of talk as it creates complacency among already LAZY repub voters who will/do think “He’s got this, I don’t have to vote”.

Don’t take my word for it, Trump himself warned against assuming he will win, and treat it like he’s down 1pt. [we say 10 makes things more dire]