Dem Congressman Green Calls for Anti-Racism Czar


Dem Congressman Al Green is calling for a ‘Secretary of Reconciliation,’ cabinet position who will report ‘directly to the President of the United States. His job will be to eliminate racism and invidious discrimination in all of its form’! A Czar of this capacity won’t have much bite to their bark, but as Green explains they will ‘legislate behavior’…

‘….we can legislate behavior. And if you hurt someone, because of your racist behavior, your racist thoughts, then you can be punished. The problem we have is, you are not seeing the level of punishment that the crimes deserve – this is the means by which we will do it by legislating that behavior, and if enough people see what happens, then at some point some of them will change.’

In other words they, democrats of course, will write laws making it a crime to say certain things, to be critical of certain people and YOU KNOW said laws will be so openly written it will apply to just about anyone. So it’s safe to assume if one is critical of a politician, especially one of color, that criticism will be most likely deemed illegal!

This Czar Green proposes will be about racism, but if dems get their way this title will be expanded to just about anything or anyone critical to the govt and their proxies. What we will end up with is a Free Speech Czar… although there won’t be free speech if dems ever get their way! The Left hates the Constitution and would love to legislate away free speech. This all came up years ago about the draw muhammad cartoons where Megyn Kelly took Richard Fowler to the woodshed that the most offensive language is protected…

… yet Green wants to make it a crime!

Have you seen enough yet America? Have the lockdowns and riots made it clear what life will be like if dems get power over this country like they had in obama’s first term, or now in states like Calif, Minn, New York etc? A vote for a democrat is a vote for more of what you’ve seen over the last 3+ mos.

147 days to go, for you to decide what kind of country you want to live in:
Freedom, prosperity and safety or oppression, poverty, chaos, violence.