Megyn Kelly Defending First Amendment Blasts Dem Guest Over Muhammad Cartoons

Progressives left and right are showing their true colors of how much they loathe the First Amendment and Constitution over this Draw Muhammad event. It doesn’t matter if you like the cartoons or not the issue is about free speech and our freedoms under direct attack. The cartoons are not directly beneficial to us but the ability to produce them and hold an event as Pamela Geller did is a right at the very core of our Republic many are clearly trying to silence.

Richard Fowler’s idea of using common sense is to silence ones free speech. There is no comparison between yelling fire in a theater and drawing a picture of Muhammad. This man is purely insane to make such a comparison. By his logic we shouldn’t say anything controversial because it might make someone mad and they might go on a killing spree so STFU!? Wrong we should be able to say whatever we want without the fear of someone killing us just as we tolerate that garbage that comes out of their mouths.

The contest was not done to inflame radical islamists. There are more offensive things that can be done to offend and inflame islamists if one wanted to. Material that frankly is extremely vile and graphic!

The end goal of progressives and racial islam is to silence dissent. The threat of violence is a direct attack on free speech and these mindless fools cannot see that. Instead they treat it as “you’re just trying to insult and offend them”. No!

The majority of people who are condemning the mocking of islam do it out of fear, but also because they hate free speech and the Constitution. Take a good look at the people coming out against this and you will see they have a track record of taking a position against the Constitution. Whether it is against the Second Amendment or trying to justify the violation of our privacy rights etc.

To those annoyed with this story you need to see the bigger picture. ISIS and islamic radicals are not stupid, the war they have waged is not only on us physically but fundamentally on the very principles that make the US what it is.They would love to see free speech squashed in America, just as they found joy with our privacy rights violated. When you have to get on a plane and practically strip naked that kids is a win in their book! If we allow free speech to be silenced you can bet they will chalk that up as another win!