Clinton Panders on Immigration in NV, Supports Obama’s Executive Amnesty

This woman is such a disgrace controlling every event she attends. No one is ever present to challenge her radical progressive views.

There is no economic or national security benefit to allow millions into the US and give them legal status, which she claims is ‘code for second class status’. No it isn’t, it is in fact code to give undeserving criminals first class status over American citizens who are already treated like second class citizens!

Clinton lives in her little bubble oblivious to the fact that 100 million… MILLION Americans are out of work. If we had a responsible media one of them by now would call her (and others) out on this. How is leaving the border wide open good for national security? Since obama has paralyzed the border patrol from doing their jobs we have no idea how many criminals and even worse are crossing the border camouflaging themselves as part of families. We know terror organizations are in South and Central America along with those who have been operating with Mexican cartels. How many of them are crossing the border in existing routes used to traffic people and drugs?

What yo have here is Clinton pandering to the pro-immigration crowd to get votes in 2016. The only policy Americans want to hear is NO amnesty, the border will be locked down, visa program reined in and those who shouldn’t be here will be deported and/or encouraged to self deport!

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