Fox Host Criticizes Pamela Geller For Offending Islam Asks for Restraint

McCallums position in a nutshell: Don’t offend islam, keep your mouth shut because they might get upset?!
ANYONE who criticizes and condemns what Geller is doing/has done is appeasing radical islam. They are also willfully prepared to surrender our freedoms to be politically correct hidden under clever rhetoric as Fox Host Martha MacCallum demonstrates.

It is incredibly disturbing how many people within the media (left & right) are attacking Geller for simply invoking her First Amendment rights. Where are these critics when conservatives are attacked by pro-islamists who call them every name in the book, trash America, Christianity & Judaism, our Constitution etc? Where was Martha MacCallum when the islamists are demanding Sharia Law be instituted and accepted in America? Where was MacCallum when Jesus was defamed in the name of “art” or the mocking of Mormons on Broadway? Nowhere.

When islam is criticized, mocked and/or under attack this Fox host like all the progressives (many in the closet) like her come out of the woodwork to condemn it’s critics. They do this out of fear and that boys and girls is a win for radical islam. Geller is NOT taunting radical islam no more than when they or other groups trash Christianity and Judaism. This is Gellers way of throwing it back at them having a set unlike the majority of male leaders we have in the US! Yea that’s right Pam Geller has bigger balls than Congress, loud mouths like Trump and progs in media.

This is America, freedom of speech was not created to protect language everyone is already in agreement with. The First Amendment was created to protect those who would use the most offensive inflamed language. If we can’t do that then it’s over! Let me say it again ANYONE who attacks Gellers (of those like her) free speech but remains silent to the flip side is an enemy to the Republic and I DON’T CARE WHO YOU ARE!