Megyn Kelly Reacts to Terror Attack on Free Speech: ‘There’s a Reason Free Speech Is in Amendment Number 1’

The First Amendment wasn’t established to protect the things people say that everyone agrees with. The Founders gave it to us to allow the most controversial, heated and even offensive things to be said. Pam Gellers “Draw Muhammad” event was a private event and they had as much right to organize as those who gather condemning Americans who are anti-islam. Participants in the contest and attendees were not asking to be attacked and anyone (crap media) even suggesting such a thing have proven they are anti-American. You have a right to say whatever is on your mind freely without being threatened in the US. This attack and those more or less siding with the attackers are enemies to the Republic.

That is the real story with this terror attack that was thwarted by Garland TX police. American freedoms are under attack not only from ISIS scumbags but by “Americans” who after the last 24+ hours side with them! Yes Alisyn Camerota I’m talking about you and all the other idgets in the crap media who are attacking Gellar and anyone else who says whats on their minds that you find offensive. This ex-Fox anchor demonstrates how quickly she will go from a conservative viewpoint to a radical leftist depending on who is signing her check! Progs like this don’t care about America, they couldn’t careless about the freedoms we have and are ready to give them away.

One last thing how about we give thanks to the officer who dropped the scumbag ISIS lone wolves, armed with AK-47’s, with his service pistol!? Next to nothing has been said about his courage and the fact that he ended a potential blood bath in 15 seconds!