Obama: Some Communities Have Odds Stacked Against Them

Yes some communities do have the odds stacked against them, but let’s be clear 99% of those communities are democrat controlled. All the major US cities and towns that are more or less in physical and financial ruin have been controlled by democrats for decades. It wasn’t the evil conservative capitalists that ran manufacturing out the US into the hands of nations that use slave labor either. No, thanks to high taxes, excessive regulations, union pressure (all of which are components of the left) communities suffered as well whether they were in a rural or urban setting. You will never hear emperor obama say this, instead he will demonize the right and blame them for the lack of spending in said communities. Progressives are so crafty, they’ll run a city into ruin and then play the class warfare card to spread the wealth.

Making this a black white issue is absurd because there are just as many whites, hispanics and asians living in poverty. This guy cannot resist invoking race and class warfare.

Since he mentioned it, FYI Baltimore received $1.8 billion from obama’s stimulus where did it go? That city like many that had the money coming in has nothing to show for it other than looking like a war zone. Baltimore, Chicago, Detroit, Camden NJ, etc etc are all a mess no thanks to progressive democrats.