Anonymous Baltimore Cop Drops Bombshell: Gray Was Seen Dealing Drugs, Tested Positive For Heroin and Marijuana

Freddie Gray was in an area known for drug activity…
“… he was observed in a hand to hand transaction small items in exchange for currency…”

Just like clockwork the truth is slowly coming out, we saw this with Trayvon Martin, Mike Brown and now Freddie Gray. While leaks can be detrimental to a criminal case sometimes they are necessary if the truth is being suppressed for political agenda. It’s no wonder after 6 officers were charged today with homicide that news like this is hitting the wire contradicting what the State Atty announced. The Baltimore police feel they have been thrown under the bus by senior commanders and the mayor so expect more anonymous interviews by seriously pissed off cops like this.

Gray was If you are a habitual criminal and cops knew his MO so they had probable cause to initiate an investigation if not an arrest. That said the story of him making eye contact with police and running now makes sense. He was in an area he was known to sell drugs, they saw him making some kind of exchange as this cop alleges to Hannity, and Gray chose to run. Based on his previous history they had every right to apprehend him. With that said this report along with Gray’s history State Atty Marilyn Mosby misled the public, that’s strike #1.

Word to the wise…. If you’re not guilty you have nothing to worry about. Yes we have had instances of abuse by police to just grab anyone and if it’s a general case of harassment either way call the ACLU or NAACP to sue the police!

Leaders, attorneys, retired police etc have all said keep a cool head face the police don’t run, don’t fight them, don’t try to take their weapons and fight them in court. The same applies if you’re a victim of discrimination fight the bad cops in court; especially now with so many high-profile cases you’re bound to find someone to represent you.