Baltimore Mayor Hides Behind Sharpton When Confronted on Stand Down Order

That look on the mayors face is not one of anger but fear. Fox’s Leland Vittert put Mayor Rawlings-Blake on the spot for her incompetence dealing with the protests that erupted into chaos. She will not be able to hide behind Sharpton from her order for law enforcement to stand down against protesters to “let them loot, it’s just property”. Just like a good soldier Al Sharpton took over acting like a bodyguard and PR rep doing his best to shoo Vittert away.

It’s not surprising the mayor skipped out on the press conference that never happened. I think Americans would like to see her explain why she has ordered her bodyguards/ cops to protect her from reporters but told law enforcement to stand down as their city was looted and burned! The mayor is in contact with high-ranking DNC officials on what to do to salvage this mess. Oh didn’t you know? Rawlings-Blake is secretary of the DNC, it’s suggested she is in line to run for Sen Barbara Mikulski seat and it was reported she is in regular contact with the White House’s Valerie Jarrett.

Sharpton’s presence along with Malik Zulu Shabazz, the Nation of Islam and other radicals will agitate those they have preyed on for years to rise up since things have quieted down. They are the ones playing with matches in Baltimore while they douse American cities in gasoline with their racism! We will be lucky if this stays peaceful if there is no indictment announced with so many radicals in position to profit off of violence.