Krauthammer: Speed of Baltimore Charges ‘Looks Like Appeasement of the Mob’

State prosecutor Marilyn Mosby was clearly acting in “appeasement of the mob” and she even admitted it in her press conference…

Case after case we have had officials who should be upholding the law and being neutral taking sides. We have a power structure in place that is as Krauthammer says appeasing the mob. Every single time there is white on black crime the media and elites go into a frenzy trying to convict the accused before the facts are out let alone a trial. What about all the black on white crimes, better yet why no mention of black on black?! Doesn’t sell and it doesn’t fit the lefts race hustling agenda.

These charges were rushed and what did we learn today from Mosby? No facts were released, no grand jury and not even an autopsy report but a condemnation from her against anyone who does leak information. FYI leaks are done 9 times out of 10 to get the truth out because someone of authority is usually suppressing it. Those in power will suppress facts because they know if released it will ruin their agenda! The charges made against these officers are not going to hold in court. Criminal defense attorneys are already speaking out criticizing the charges made against these officers. 2nd Degree Murder for not putting a seat-belt on a prisoner?! Seriously!? And that policy was changed after the Gray incident. Correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t investigators have more “evidence” on Ofc Darren Wilson who was later acquitted… by the obama/ Holder DOJ?!

This is going to end bad in a few months if and when the officers are acquitted. Then again one has to wonder if they will even get a fair trial at this point. The left is hell-bent on convicting white cops to solidify their theory all cops are racist and bad to justify the govt federalizing the police.