Reid Whines About ‘Unconscionable’ Backlog of Judicial Nominees

Is Dingy Reid for real?! Should we start going over his track record as Majority Leader as to how he more or less brought govt to a halt under his reign of power? Reid only put through bills and nominees to help obama’s radical destructive agenda. Yea under his direction they got nominees through, but those judges are ones making controversial decisions against the will of the people siding with obama’s policies. These judicial nominees being held up by a republican dominant Senate are obama nominees, so the longer they’re held up the better! Why? If you don’t know obama is stacking the courts with radical judges who will carry on his progressive agenda/ legacy long after he is gone!

If more Americans were made aware of this they would understand why the nominees are held up. They rule on case-law and political pressure & activism rather than by the Constitution. Hell is Constitutional law even taught anymore!?