3 NYPD Officers Poisoned at Manhattan Shake Shake

The unhinged violent Leftists are stepping up their game against the police. As if it wasn’t bad enough with them throwing glass bottles or bottles filled with “fluids”, rocks and how can we forget the strategically planted bricks at cops, now the domestic terrorists have resorted to poisoning them!


Isn’t that just like them, they always attack in groups when they outnumber their target or use methods to hide themselves! These people are incredibly dangerous, this site isn’t joking when it identifies them as the unhinged violent Left.

The ENTIRE democrat party, leftist media and Hollywood OWN THIS. They have been pouring gasoline on this fire since obama was in office trashing the police. They have created this distrust and hate between the public and police. Granted we have some bad apples, that does not justify the treatment they’re ALL getting and these unrelenting assassination attempts.

How much more America, until you finally start giving these bullies a dose of their own medicine?

Things are just going to escalate from here and soon civilians who support the police and have been standing on the sidelines are going to step in. You Leftists really have no idea the hell that is coming your way!

Update via TMZ:

“As for what exactly happened to the malts remains a mystery. The NY Post reports it appears to be a cleaning solution commonly used that wasn’t rinsed off the machine enough.

The good news is all 3 cops were released from the hospital and are expected to make a full recovery — and Shake Shack said it’s committed to getting the full picture out.

Crisis averted.”

Does anyone find it odd the only ones who got poisoned were cops!? Something isn’t right.