Dems Blame the US For Iran Shooting Down Ukrainian Airplane


If anyone had any doubt over the last 3 years of the hate that comes from the democrats, what they’ve done over the last couple of weeks should put it to rest. Whether it was the collusion delusion, obstruction obsession, impeachment hearing circus, or cowering/ praise for the Iranian regime to now blaming the US, in some cases Pres Trump, for shooting down the Ukrainian airplane, these all show how unhinged and dangerous the democrats truly are.

Tulsi Gabbard and Jackie Speier (who doubled down)…

.. dismiss reality by taking sides, blaming the US for aggression coming from the radical Iranian regime. They started this fight with America in 1979, we are not the aggressors.

It was Iranian missiles, their tracking system, and their military who made the decision to shoot a passenger plane down. It has nothing to do with tensions between them and the US. As matter of fact their missile strike in Iraq was for show, they warned it was coming. Secondly, when they want to hit a target with precision they can do it, as they demonstrated when they attacked the Saudis.

Democrats want war so they can grab power. They want Trump to get into a fight with anyone at this point so they can use it, appealing to voters tired of war that they’ll end it all unlike the warmongering Trump and republicans. That is how far they’re willing to go to win…. So sit home Nov 3 if you don’t care and want people like this running the country.