Bongino Takes Geraldo to the Woodshed Over “Atrocious”, “Outrageous” Comments Against Trump


Geraldo Rivera got a verbal beatdown over his condemnation of Pres Trump’s handling of the airstrike against terrorist Gen Soleimani. The fake republican (c’mon this guy is as liberal as they come) as he always does questioned Trump’s tactics, being engaged in an “unnecessary fight”! Dan Bongino had enough of the patronizing bs, making it known after listening to the lib all day spew “atrocious” comments, proceed to ask how many dead Americans would be enough to justify taking out the top terrorist? Of course Jerry Rivers couldn’t give a rational answer going so far to cite his time in the middle east and attending funerals as some kind of twisted qualifier making him an expert/ authority on the issue! That set Bongino off who proceeded to take Rivers to the woodshed ripping him to shreds…

Bongino is right, whether it’s Rivera or someone else their service doesn’t give them the right to run their mouths as an authority on something they’re demonstrably wrong!

Listen to him, Geraldo is talking just like the democrats in defense of the Iranian regime. Bongino had every right to lay into and tell him to get his head out of his ass, which clearly triggered the liberal. How many Americans… people really have to die until it’s okay to take a scumbag out without having to get the democrat party and UN’s approval!?

That old saying is really taking root that US will not be destroyed from the outside but from within. We have a political party and pundits, like this jackass, who would rather leave enemies in play to save face and look good risking national security, than do what is necessary.

Sometimes you have to do uncomfortable bad things. It sucks but thats the world we live in.