CDC Director Admits EVERYTHING People Who Have Been Censored & Canceled Over Is True

If you’re conservative or even in the middle questioning how this virus is being handled making statements like…

– Cloth and paper masks don’t work
– People getting sick and dying have pre-existing conditions (comorbidities)
– The number of sick and dead is not correct
– The bug was engineered, coming out of China (but as this site was the FIRST to report Swiss and US labs played a role in its development!)
– The jabb doesn’t keep people from getting sick again, and are in fact spreading the bug… etc etc

… there is a good chance you have been censored, shadowbanned, had your account deleted or suspended and you’ve been completely canceled!

Everything those of us, deemed antivaxxers, have been saying all along has in fact been true and here we have the CDC Director admit what we’ve been saying is true!

Fạủcỉ Admits C0V1D Hospitalization Numbers Are Wrong
CNN Medical “Expert” Admits Clọth Mẚsks Do Not Stop C0V1D

How do you feel: Happy, Vindicated, Angry?
Yours truly is enraged, because odds are only a handful of you are reading this. There was a time when there were LOTS of people who would be reading this but Big Tech made sure no one sees what’s posted on this site, all of which is TRUE, since 99% of the content on this site are videos of politicians, celebrities, pundits in their own words.

These people need to be held responsible for the damage they have done to this country. Children are a mess, academia is out of control, progressive leaders have become outright tyrants, the economy is brought a closer notch to chaos, small businesses on life-support if not out of business this list goes on and on. All of this because Big Tech didnt want the truth out that this witch is now spewing.

If the Founders were here they would be shaking their heads in disgust how We the People allowed this all to happen. Americans need to start flexing their power over Big Tech and the govt. They’re DOA without our money(advertising revenue/ taxes), cut the money supply off and bring them both to their knees.