Dems Vote to Restrain Trump’s Iran Actions, But in 2011 Pelosi Said Obama Didn’t Need Permission to Use Force In Libya


The democrats voted to restrain Pres Trump’s power to authorize use of force against Iran. Aside from their acts of treachery, rebellion/ insurrection and sedition (ALL federal crimes) they just told the world they’re hypocrites and side with Iran!

In 2011 Pelosi stated obama didn’t have to get permission to use force in Libya and we saw how that ended.

It resulted in a bloody civil war, illegal gun running to “rebels” (which became ISIS) in Syria that is now wrecked. And we can’t forget that the gun running was the reason Chris Stevens and the CIA were in Benghazi which turned into a total disaster. No, obama didn’t need permission to do any of that, like Hillary said “We came, we saw, he [Qaddafi] died” and NOT one democrat or republican batted an eye or ran to the media throwing a fit.

Trump takes out one of the worst dirtbags on the planet, Soleimani where word has it he was behind the Benghazi attack, and everyone loses their minds. The dems like clockwork voted to take Trump’s power away. The vote is just symbolic, it’s the House dems way of sending a note home to mommy, but it shows the hate they have for Trump, and how power hungry they all are.

The dems are NEVER going to stop, they have to be punished. YOU the voters, tired of this, must electorally exterminate the democrats from power in November. Or, you can sit home like voters did in CA, IL, NY, NJ, VA etc and let the dems have power….