Sen Lankford: Mike Lee Not Truthful on Intel Briefing


Mike Lee blew up over the intel briefing given to the Senate by Trump admin intel officials. According to Sen Lankford, who appeared on Fox Business and was at the briefing, Lee is NOT being truthful as everything was laid out by intel officials…

‘I’ve seen some of my colleagues that have come out and made comments like that, in fact one of my colleagues they stepped out and said “you know that the whole group was doing a briefing with us and when the questions got hard that they left and they ran off”. That was absolutely, positively false, that did not occur.’

That “colleague” was Mike Lee….

Don’t know what’s going on with Lee, don’t care anymore because he’s become quite shady over the last year or so. Yea he stands for the Constitution but then he’s voting against the American people when he votes NO with Mitt Romney to border wall funding(that was perfectly legal), sides with Big Tech and trying to sneak in an immigration bill through that will SCREW OVER U.S. workers.

And now he throws fit that he didn’t get the answers he wanted making a spectacle of himself telling a lie. Time to go Mike.