“Open Borders Inc Tool” Mike Lee Blows Up at Trump Admin Over Soleimani Strike


Mike Lee while fighting to keep govt within the confines of the Constitution has been drifting out sounding more and more like Mitt Romney. He has taken questionable positions with regards to Big Tech, where Fox News’ Tucker Carlson went after him, voting against funding the Border Wall, to now today going off on the Trump admin over lack of intricate details on the Soleimani airstrike.

Soleimani killed and maimed Americans and thousands of others, he deserved to get droned. I don’t recall Lee throwing this kind of hissy fit when obama was an absolute killing machine with drones. Can’t seem to find the clip of Lee blowing up when obama wasted, US born terror recruiter, Anwar al-Awlaki and his son a week a later!

This little blow up of Lee’s IMO is to keep eyes off another area of concern with him which is his hard work in the best interests of non-US citizen workers!

Here is Lou Dobbs in September calling Lee out for his bill that would limit greencard limits from other countries like China and India who will take American jobs at lower pay…

In layman’s terms, Lee is throwing US workers under the bus.

Michelle Malkin has been keeping an eye on him as well calling him out for being a tool of open borders inc!

Sure Lee makes a good argument, but Congress gave the Executive Branch this power, they also never questioned anything obama ever did. DC takes the best of people and just grinds them into the swamp monsters we have today. Once again we can thank Donald Trump simply for his presence for smoking these people out.