Rep Omar Whines She Gets PTSD Every Time She Hears Conversations About War


Of all people to speak on the tension between the US and Middle East is Ilhan Omar who takes the side of our enemies. She whined to DNC media propagandists that every time she hears talk of war she gets PTSD!

#1 This is an insult to our veterans, law enforcement and others who are suffering from REAL PTSD. She is making a mockery of the condition for political points against Pres Trump, whom she hates.
#2 We have to thank her for making this statement! Hang on, chill out… You see in quest to attack the President over his foreign policy, which is actually successful, the disgraced Congresswoman has admitted she is mentally unstable to handle basic news.

NO not saying our Troops, law enforcement and others are mentally unstable…. BUT SHE IS if she gets triggered to that degree from news!! See there’s a difference from being shot at, blown up, being in the middle of tragedy and absolute carnage vs sitting comfy in your DC office/ home making $174K+ a year reading the news!

This is just one more reason, aside from being an absolute disgrace of a congresswoman, having the shadiest of backgrounds, being a hate America radical islamist tool of CAIR, for Omar to be removed from office.