Trump: Iran Went on a Terror Spree Paid for by Obama

Pres Trump gave a fantastic speech in response to the Iranian regimes “for show” missile attack against US and coalition bases in Iraq that was the equivalent of shooting duds. But what was most satisfying was pointing the finger to blame squarely at those responsible for enabling the death cult leaders in Tehran namely the barack hussein obama regime.

Surely the media will be running their fact checkers to defend their messiah but Iran is BROKE. They have no money except from what they get from the little trade they can engage in around sanctions and the BILLIONS obama handed to them. Some will argue the $150B is their money; yes and no. The US had an arms deal with the Iranian govt under the Shah, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, but when the radical jihadists overthrew the Shah that deal was null and void. The US had no obligation to sell arms to a bunch of radicals who believe in The Twelfth Imam. Furthermore, the American blood and treasure spilled over the last 40 years from the cold/ proxy war they waged against us justified the US holding onto that money. But then came along barry dunham… davis.. obama?? who gladly gave the money along with $1.8B in cash of unmarked foreign currency in the middle of the night, a ransom payment, to the Iranian regime in a futile appeasement policy he and past Presidents were engaged in.

Thankfully, the appeasement policy from Bush Sr, Clinton, Bush Jr and obama is over. We now have a President who will bring it to our enemies and call out those in the US who enabled them. If you want to go back to the way things were with Iranian hardliners and other enemies of the US dictating American foreign policy then by all means vote for whatever fool the democrats party runs in November. If you like America first, no more appeasement, energy independence etc you better vote Trump and GOP down the ballot.

Don’t for a second assume “Ahh Trump’s got this, I don’t need to vote”, or “Trump’s gonna win in a landslide, no need to vote”. That kind of thinking creates complacency that opens the door for democrats to seize power – just ask voters in CA, VA, NY, NJ etc!
Assume Trump is in the fight of his life and act accordingly, hell don’t take it from me hear it from him….